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TC-Interiors specializes on renovations of domestic and commercial interiors. At the domestic sector we offer complete renovations of residences & flats or partial renovations such as kitchen & bathrooms. We import top quality Italian kitchens that always carry a guarantee. At the commercial sector we offer furniture solutions and we are experts in atmospheric lighting and illumination projects. All works are executed within sort periods of times and within the agreed time frame.

Our Shop/Showroom is open at all public hours and offers furniture, materials, accessories and solutions for any type of project.

You can be attended perfectly in english. Either for a project or a purchase.



  • “matching your ideas and your budget”

    TC-Interiors is leading team of architects and interior designers that can develop your retail or residential project from Barcelona, no matter where the project is located or its size. The team can easily collaborate with your local constructors, providing them with a detailed execution project plan, within maximum quality and very affordable, low prices.

    We always consider the local resources around the area of the project, sustainability and the local culture. We will provide you with a solid, contemporary approach and resolution, always matching your ideas and your budget.

  • “A specific vision; a suit made to measure”

    In the domestic sector, we specialize in the complete renovation, from apartments to houses, regardless the state of being or the location.
    We study carefully the exciting situation of the building and from there we design a new space distribution, tailored to fit the user. We solve any demanding construction details and we select resistant, sustainable and hygiene friendly finishes that reflect the client´s style, whether traditional or contemporary. Also we design and make customized furniture, lighting and art pieces.

    At the construction site, we place just one person in charge, who is responsible and liable for the entire operation. Also we place our own technical team, in order to avoid middlemen and therefore costs for our clients. We directly distribute from the factories: French, Italian furniture and domestic materials.

    Our work has been published in Maison & Object 2013, Paris, awarded in 2012 by the IIDA, International Interior Design Association, Chicago.

  • “Profitability, professionalism and speed of execution”

    In the retail sector, we specialize on highly profitable solutions, we work with resistant but low cost materials and finishes. Also we deliver the project, always on time and under the usual time restrictions. Our strength is the atmospheric lighting solutions and the design of an ambience that can enhance the image of the commercial place.

    We have a full team of architects, interior designers, lighting experts and an efficient team of construction workers. The materials are sourced directly from the factory, resulting at cost cuts. We also offer the possibility of processing activity licenses.

  • “Communication, the basis of our management”

    TC-Interiors has great experience with the on-site construction work and apart from our own designs we execute projects designed by other architects or interior designers, who are seeking a professional and accurate realization of their design. The responsive communication between the designer and our qualified team (architect to architect), our correct construction management and stick to the deadlines, guarantee that we always deliver a flawless project.

    Among the architects who have trusted us, is Alex Gimenez, Professor of Architecture at the Barcelona Tech. University.

  • “The quality matters because it has to last”

    TC-Interiors is the distributor of various Italian kitchen and bathroom brands, furniture & counter tops of the best quality, at competitive prices and with a 5 years warranty. Our clients already know that at TC-Interiors can always find waterproof & fireproof products, resistant in intensive use. To us, the safety and the durability of our products is a priority and we do not believe in economizing through reducing the material’s performance. Our kitchens are environmentally friendly. They are made with 100% recycled and used wooden panels, with low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). The factory meets the REACH regulations and is part of the “Consorzio Italian Pannello Ecologico”.

    The production line is powered by clean energy, 600kW / h produced by photovoltaic panels, therefore achieves a zero environmental impact. Our advice to our clients is that a kitchen should always have warranty and spare parts for replacement, available in the market. Through our selected brands, we can provide this security to our customers. We work with brands, which have acclaimed international experience and can work with very competitive prices and whose production line takes place in large modern factories. Along with our kitchens, we collaborate with all the major brands of home appliances and we also have our professional on-site team who carries out the works, always under our supervision.