Oeuf de Sélénite (custom)
[handmade glass pieces, xenon light bulbs, fluorocarbon thread, natural fibred rope, iron structure, LED lights, metal wire]

The chandelier is a call to consider nature’s fragility and diversity through the materiality of a handmade product. Simultaneously is an homage to Georges Méliès´s iconic film ‘Trip to the Moon’ and to Barcelona’s Modernism movement. The chandelier is a result of a 4 months research on glass, with specialized glass artists, using the oven technique called ‘kiln forming’ and clay molds. The handmade glass pieces are held by a rectangular metal frame, which also serves a dimmer light itself.

Dimensions 350 x 150 cm
(Custom orders available)

This piece is made with the collaboration of 40Plumas, glass artists.

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